"My experience with C’est si Bon Cooking School was absolutely incredible. From an early age I enjoyed cooking and of course food. However, the best part of cooking is not the end result. It comes in the way the time cooking is spent. Being around friends and family in the kitchen always will be my fondest memories as a child. C’est si Bon cultivated those times even more. This program is not just about learning cooking techniques, it’s about creating friendships and learning to enjoy the time you have with them. I will always be forever grateful for the time I spent there and I envy any child that gets to work with this program because there is not a summer that goes by that I don’t wish I could go back. Also, I would charge them to enjoy every second because when they grow up they will remember those moments with utter joy."


"Travel, a passion of mine, combined with cooking in the picturesque landscape of France made a big difference in the experience. As my name is India I have always wanted to travel. There is no place that you can only visit once in my book, and France is especially one of those.  Every time it is different. I am amazed that this camp exists! I plan to go into the culinary business as an international chef and a language spoken in many countries in order to communicate with the locals, to find the secrets of their cuisine. France is a beautiful place, where many professional chefs were born. I would love to be one of them as well. I’m so excited I got to participate!!" 


"I am 16 years old. I live in Connecticut. I speak French and English. I know a couple words in Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. I have already traveled alot. I have been to Brazil, Costa Rica, France, Italy, England, and of course the US. I like to try new foods and I was not worried about having to try new foods on this trip. I love almost every type of food. I love baking especially.'


"Now my favorite place I have ever been is probably Italy. When the trip began I didn’t know anyone. It was fun and I made friends easily so it really is no big deal. I did not know how to feel about zuppa de pesce, wild boar or rabbit because I had never tried them. I did not particularly love bouillabaisse, but it was not horrible. Wine tasting is part of the culture and I enjoyed learning about wine culture, too."


"My time at C'est si Bon Cooking School in the teen travel programs could not have been more packed with laughter and adventure (& food). I worked with middle and high school students from all over the country who brought so much fun and inquiry into the world of food. These highly successful teen chef weeks were busy. For example, in the morning after we had visited a local baker, then we went off to the farmers market to grab some herbs- then had a picnique lunch at a goat farm. In the afternoon we broke into teams to make dishes relevant to the region. In the evening we would enjoy the grand meal we all made with the baker who had begun the day, though he was a little sleepy. Other nights we found ourselves watching fireworks on a beach – grilling merguez sausages and eggplants still warm from the sun. Up early the next morning to do it all over again- collecting eggs and making lavender ice cream. Working for Dorette & Rich was an amazing experience, and lead me to the work I do with young people today. C'est si Bon offers incredible artisanal experiences to young people through the local chefs and farmers, whether in France or in North Carolina, who they have known for many years."


"I want to thank you for a wonderful trip!  I am still totally awed by the beauty of the millhouse we were so fortunate to live in for that brief time.  I am having a wrap made of the picture I took from the bridge showing the millhouse, waterfall, trees, and reflection of a tower of the chateau up on the hill.  That view and the beautiful interior are constantly in my thoughts as I relay our experiences to my friends and daughter, who is so sorry she missed this trip!" 


"Everything about the French countryside was so charming, I will never think about Paris again when I think of France!!  The tours were  well planned to correspond with our cooking and drinking!  I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the smaller local markets in the south-western region."


"I thoroughly enjoyed you and your staff. I'm just not cut from the same mold as you. You outdid yourself each day. I don't know where you find the energy and patience. I learned more than cooking from you that week! All the tours were Excellent. Enjoyed every aspect of every outing. Such beautiful country. Would have loved to spend a month. Hope to hear from you. Please keep in touch,"