Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Meet the C'est si Bon! Team

Dorette Snover

​Co-Owner, Co-Director. 

Influenced by her French name, Italian heritage, and the food traditions of the Pennsylvania Dutch Country where she was born and raised, Dorette Snover graduated with degrees in education and culinary arts. She spent years as a private chef, NPR commentator, food stylist, artisanal cheese apprentice, and media escort to cookbook authors.

In 1997, she opened C’est si Bon!, a cooking school in Chapel Hill, where she teaches the mysteries of kitchens and cooking; both here and abroad in Europe.

Also a writer, please visit her author website, Dorette Ellen Snover, for the latest news on her upcoming novel. 

Rich Snover

Co-Owner, Co-Director, Sommelier, Beekeeper, Gardener, Maintenance and Corporate Specialist

Born in the heart of Pennsylvania, Rich Snover grew up watching his Polish, English and German family make dandelion wine and poppy seed bread. His knowledge of bees, wines, and soil nourishes our team building and other programs. In his spare time, he plants heritage tomatoes, reroots our thornless blackberries, grows shitake mushrooms, nurtures our Meyer lemon, key lime, and fig trees. 

Erick Snover

Co-Director, Executive Chef. Kid-Chef Director. Taste the Adventure Programs. Date Night. Pop-Ups. Goat-Herder. 

Erick was born in Colorado and raised in North Carolina; his first taste of rice was in a hectic dumpling house in Chinatown NYC when he was five months old and from there his kitchen art embraced many tastes. A highly trained executive chef  in Vail, Colorado, he specializes in Japanese kaiseki cuisine. Read about him in Denver's 5280 Magazine. Erick loves teaching and is always developing new strategies of taste for the Kid-Chef Program and developing events - whether a fund-raiser for No Kid Hungry, NC or O2 Fitness. When not in the kitchen or office, Erick loves to experience other cultures and cuisines, including those of Normandy, Bilbao, Bonaire, Barcelona, Italy, Croatia, Taiwan, and Japan. Whether foraging for porcini or fermenting koji carrots, Erick is driven by food, family, travel, and culture but mostly cheese and good bread.