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C'est si Bon! Honey is 100% family produced at C'est si Bon! Cooking School in Chapel Hill with the help of our honey bees, poplar trees, and vibrant wildflowers. Our honey, as do all local honeys, helps boost your immunity to local pollen - great if you have seasonal allergies. Currently you can find our honey for sale at the Mediterranean Deli in Chapel Hill. Please contact us if you are interested in carrying some in your place of business. Very limited supply available.  

C'est si Bon! Honey 2021


The Table by Cole McCauley

“The Camino Trail in Spain is incredible.  You spend your days hiking through little villages and gorgeous landscapes.  But the cool part was dinner.  It wasn’t in the big city.  Usually dinner was with other strangers on the trail with you.  We would gather around the table in a village together somewhere and be in community.  Most of the time we didn’t speak their language, but we could always bond over a meal.  That’s what we want to accomplish in America.” – Rich

“We not only get to see the kitchen transform in a couple hours. 

But we also witness strangers becoming friends and stories, freshly made. That’s what it’s all about,” - Dorette

Kenan Flagler Globe Students making fettucine alfredo!


Cooking with Kids and the Carolina Farm Stewardship 


Teaching Carrboro Cooks at the Carrboro Farmer's Market

Teaching Kids at the Durham Farmer's Market

Demos at the Chapel Hill Farmer's Market

Providing a Team Building for teen burn survivors with the NC Jaycee Burn Center.

Gleaning with the Society of St. Andrews, Carolinas. Won't you join us next time? 


Meet our Chefs and Artisans. 

We're giving a shout out to our local farmers (and artisans) 
who grow, and show, us the most delicious food!  

Eliza at Cane Creek

Transplanting Traditions

Ross at Left Bank Butchery

Noah at Fickle Creek Farm

Carrboro Farmer's Market

Durham Farmer's Market 

Felicia and Forest at Food-Seen Photography

Brit and Fleming at Celebrity

Kat and Dave at Prodigal Farm

Aaron at Panciuto's

Gabe at Pizzaria Mercato 

Stacey at Stacey Sprenz Photography

Julian at JuJu in Durham

Portia and Flo at Chapel Hill Creamery

Matt at Haw River Canoe

Samantha and Austin at Boxxcar Handmade Cheese

Jeremy Blankenship at The Carolina Inn