dorette snover

owner and chef

influenced by french heritage and the food traditions of the pennsylvania dutch country where she was born and raised, dorette snover graduated from the culinary institute of america in 1983. in colorado, she spent ten years as a private chef to the rich and eccentric. since 1990, dorette has pursued the world of food styling and writing in chapel hill.

dorette's work has appeared in national food magazines and on npr. she has appeared on the food network and pbs. she can be found teaching le fond de cuisine at the carrboro farmer’s market as well as in her chapel hill cooking school, c’est si bon! dorette also leads tours to paris, the loire, gascony, and provence for both adults looking for truffles in all the right places and for teens interested in exploring the world through a culinary map.

between baking calzones in her wood fired oven, dorette is also a published author. her plat du jour is strong female characters woven from her thirty years of work in the world of cuisine and her personal journey through landscapes of culinary history. please visit her blog, planting cabbages for more about her journey as a novelist.

she recently won the anderbo/mercer street books fiction prize for her novel, city of ladies. 

dorette believes passionately in cooking by the senses rather than strictly by the book. whatever your needs, come into her kitchen to listen, see, touch, smell and taste!

rich snover

owner, sommelier, and corporate specialist

born in the heart of pennsylvania, rich snover grew up watching his polish, english and german family make dandelion wine and poppy seed bread. he took his first swig of boone's farm with everyone else in the 70's but can now be found leaping over aging barrels at bordeaux's left bank chateau monbrisson, supremely navigating the aisles of the buzet wine cooperative in gascony, swirling the legs right out of the glass of a 2001 chateauneuf du pape, and whispering the sweet nothings of unspoken wine-speak like nobile or montepulciano. with his vinifera roots firmly planted in corporate america (he has climbed hand wrought ladders at a veritable menu of companies, from small sour grape start-ups to vast and impending big fruit up front tastes), he relishes the opportunity to challenge and perhaps, on occasion, blind-side our corporate groups during wine tastings designed to rebuild their team. his knowledge of corporate america augments and amplifies our potential debriefings, overviews and structures. in his spare time he stocks the wine cellar of c'est si bon! with wines of character and a decided leaning towards old world styles. he still makes time and room for a few bottles of just crushed home made vin de noix. recently, he achieved the title of mileage runner as a result of his unending dedication to the discovery of the world's finest wines. look for his "wine picks" column beginning with the holiday '06 issue of c'est si bon's stir your senses newsletter.