dorette snover, owner, chef, and author 
influenced by french heritage and the food traditions of the pennsylvania dutch country where she was born and raised, dorette snover graduated from the culinary institute of america in 1983. in colorado, she spent ten years as a private chef to the rich and eccentric. since 1990, dorette has pursued the world of food styling, writing, and teaching in chapel hill.
dorette's work has appeared in national food magazines and on npr. she has appeared on the food network and pbs. she can be found teaching at many area farmer's markets as well as in her cooking school, c’est si bon! dorette also leads tours to paris and gascony for both adults looking for truffles in all the right places and for teens interested in exploring the world through a culinary map.
inspired by her wood fired oven, dorette is also a published author. her plat du jour is strong female characters woven from her thirty years of work in the world of cuisine and her personal journey through landscapes of culinary history. please visit her blog, planting cabbages for more about her journey from the table to the fable. 
she also won the anderbo/mercer street books fiction prize for her unpublished novel, city of ladies. 
allison snyder, team building coach & pr 

allison snyder was raised on a dairy farm in western new york where her fascination with reading, writing, and cats began in earnest and never left. she loves to write about pies and cakes, too. her food and pet essays have appeared in the raleigh news & observer, the triangle dog, and the news of orange county. she is also an assistant chef and team-building coach at c’est si bon cooking school in chapel hill, nc. a french major at north carolina state university, allison studied fiction writing there under the late tim mclaurin. she makes her home in orange county, north carolina, with her husband and daughter.


tori toles, farmers' market demos

tori is originally from hawaii. since coming to chapel hill she has embraced the food culture of nc, particularly the abundance of fresh and local foods available at our farmers' markets.  

tori enjoys cooking at home, and occasionally helps out at c'est si bon! voila!!!


chandler knott, lead instructor

having grown up in the c’est si bon! kitchen, chandler was a kid chef herself for several years before becoming an intern at the age of 11. since then, chandler has interned every summer and this upcoming summer will be her second summer as a head instructor. chandler loves being in the kitchen and is especially passionate about helping kids of all ages expand their culinary skills as well as their palates. you can find her smiling as she watches a little kid chop an onion with a big knife like a pro and she loves hearing kids say something like, “I really thought I didn’t like tomatoes until I came here!” chandler will head off to the University of South Carolina in the fall where she is determined to find a way to keep cooking despite living in a small dorm room!
cori roth, lead instructor
cori's introduction to the culinary world began during her formative years while growing up in the suburbs north of manhattan.  many weekends she would venture out along with her parents and 3 sisters as the family sought out new dining experiences in nyc and westchester county.  every meal began with specific instructions from her father....."now remember, do not order food from the menu that you can eat at home.....and....if you have not tried it, you cannot say you don't like it".
those experiences set the tone for cori's "zest" for food and travel.  she has journeyed the globe extensively including a two year stay in pakistan  and more recently has taken cooking classes in sicily.  her favorite cuisines are persian and moroccan.  she has a sizeable collection of cookbooks and enjoys spending time in the kitchen with her mortar & pestle, toasting and grinding exotic spices and creating new unexplored dishes.
she is pleased to be the newest addition to the kids chef staff.  cori looks forward to being a conscious food mentor to this new upcoming group of young "chefs" as we traverse the globe this summer via the cest si bon kitchen.  cori has two grown sons and 3 grandchildren.
elizabeth gildner, lead intern
is 16 years old and is a rising junior at west carteret high school in morehead city, nc.
she has been an active participant in the c’est si bon! kid’s chef program for five years.  she began in 2009 as a camper for two years and enjoyed the high energy in the kitchen and garden.  as an intern elizabeth likes helping little kids around camp and letting them try new foods.  at home elizabeth sometimes cooks for her family preparing recipes she learned at camp and creating meals on her own.  she loves fixing avocado sandwiches using fresh tomatoes grown in the backyard garden.  thai food is one of her favorite ethnic cuisines. she is an active leader in key club, youth group at church, band, and national charity league. 
elizabeth’s college plans may include becoming a nutritionist and dietitian or personal chef.  
david clark, teen intern  
hi, i'm david clark. i'm sixteen and this year i'm going to be a senior at chapel hill high school. i was a camper for two years at c'est si bon until last summer when i worked as an intern. in my free time i like to go camping with my scout troop. i wanted to become a intern because i enjoy cooking and working with children. 
my favorite dish to cook are soups because they are easy to make and can use so many different ingredients.
chandler holland, teen intern

chandler loves everything about food … the science, nutrition, ethics & presentation … but most of all, preparing and sharing delicious meals.  she grew up cooking alongside her mother, an instinctive cook, and received more formal training during several summers at c’est si bon!  she now employs a blend of proper technique and spontaneity in the kitchen. together with her mom, she teaches kid’s cooking classes at the alamance arts council. when not in the kitchen, or out foraging in the woods for wild edibles, including culinary and medicinal herbs, chandler can be found kayaking on the river, singing on stage, sewing a quilt, fencing saber, photographing random objects, raising funds for her favorite wildlife rehab groups or reading anything she can get her hands on. 


alexander egersdoerfer, teen intern

alex gained a love for cooking by seeing the film julie & julia and reading more and more about julia child and her recipes and eventually trying them. at age 8 he then decided to go to c’est si bon cooking school and stayed a student there for 7 years. now at age 15 he has become an intern. in his free time he enjoys cooking, watching food network and movies, and reading books (especially julia child memoirs). alex has always loved being taught at c’est si bon but he really wanted to mentor the kid chefs this year after being a student for so long. he loves working with kids, especially ones with similar interests (like cooking and food!). he is very good at preparation in the kitchen and being very accurate and precise when it comes to cooking, and his favorite dish to make is mousse au chocolat. 


david margolis, teen intern
david has been coming to c'est si bon for nearly 7 years, as a kid chef. 
this year will be his first year taking part in the internship program. david is very passionate about the art of cooking, and about teaching the kids how to be successful cooks. along with the campers you can find him engaged and enveloped in the cooking experience. he enjoys nothing more than watching a kid chef learn and acquire a new cooking skill. 
david is a rising sophomore at east chapel hill high school, and hopes to continue his passion for cooking as he completes his education and beyond.


lee schnell, teen intern
i have been to cest si bon twice since i have been old enough to start coming to her class. i personally love cooking and motorized things. i have enjoyed every minute of being at dorettes cooking school and class. last year she offered me an internship for two different weeks but i was not able to except cause my family was going to michigan. when she offered me again i could not wait to start. in my opinion this i the only school to learn the culinary arts from and will be for a long time to come. 


claire morris-benedict, teen intern
claire grew up cooking beside her dad, john, making delicious dishes with fresh fruits and vegetables from their community garden. 
she is a rising eighth grader at durham school of the arts where she takes part in chorus, modern dance and band. 
in her free time she babysits, helps out at a local bakery in downtown durham, has performed in plays at the young peoples performing company, and is a john hope franklin young scholar at duke university. 

some of her favorite ingredients to cook with are fish and unusual vegetables, but is exited to cook with foods that she has never heard of this summer at camp! 


amelia charles, teen intern

hi my name's amelia charles. i love to play volleyball, both regular and beach and i play club and school. i also like to play basketball, tennis, soccer, and i run. i love to cook and shop and eat as well! i love mexican food but also french and italian cuisine. i am in student government, heifer international, and art club for next year where i'll be a sophomore at chapel hill high school. i have 3 little brothers and they go to carrboro elementary and smith middle school. 


dora pekec, teen intern

as a child, dora had always been curious about food and cooking. she began cooking alongside her mother, sasha, and became obsessed with shows on the food network! dora was fortunate enough to experience many different cuisines by traveling to european countries, which only made her love of food grow stronger.
dora is a fourteen-year-old rising freshman at east chapel hill high school, having just graduated from phillips middle school, where she was an active member of battle of the books club, model united nations club, student government and, field hockey and soccer team! alongside cooking, outside of school she enjoys reading, photography, and theatre!
when dora found c'est si bon! she was overjoyed to receive more formal training and meet kids with similar loves of food and cooking. after three years of c'est si bon! kid chef training, she is extremely excited to return as an intern for the first time! dora cannot wait to share her love of food while instructing children at c'est si bon! this summer!


miranda copenhaver

miranda copenhaver has been a camper at cest si bon since she was 7 but she
cooked with her family for as long as she can remember. she is now 13 years old
and she can't wait to be an intern at cest si bon. when miranda isn't in the
kitchen, she likes to play volleyball and draw, and she will be going into the
eighth grade at culbreth middle. ever since her first day at camp, miranda
wanted to be an intern. she thought it would be fun to help other kids learn to
cook and she wanted to be her best in the kitchen with dreams of becoming a chef
when she was older. miranda's favorite dish to cook is a dish she created with
fellow campers last summer, an apple and cheese strudel. she looks forward to
helping many kids learn to cook this summer.

jackson eberts

jackson is a rising junior at trinity school of durham and chapel hill.  he has been a lifelong foodie, starting with his first apron and chef's hat at age 5.  ever since that time, jackson has attended numerous cooking classes and kitchen programs in chicago, colorado, florida and has been an active member of the c'est si bon! kitchen for the last 9 years.  jackson joined the c'est us bon! staff three years ago as an intern and is looking forward to working with and learning from dorette and the entire team this summer.  he enjoys working with the students as they learn more about the culinary arts.   c'est si bon! is giving me a great opportunity to look at careers in the culinary field and have a lot of fun in the kitchen!"