Kid Chefs

Kid Chefs

Kid Chefs

More than ever, our mission is to empower kids with the culinary skills and knowledge to make healthy and nourishing choices in an atmosphere of fun and cooperation. 

C'est si Bon! rests on 3 acres with a working garden of seasonal herbs and vegetables. Our programs are nationally recognized with a decidedly 'in-the-french-countryside' ambiance and philosophy. 

Please try our recipe for Chorizo and Caramelized Onion Figs

Yes, given what we know now, camp will be open for this summer, 2020.

Covid-19 Protocol Procedure for C’est si Bon! 

Our main goal is to keep everyone - campers, interns, additional staff and our family - safe - so we're delighted to be open this summer. 

Please consider making a DONATION to help keep our Kid-Chef Programs running. 

Your generosity helps all children who participate!   

Kid-Chef Summer Camps 2020 and

NEW Kid-Chef Special Edition 2 Day Programs (see below)

We welcome pescatarians, vegetarians, and vegans.

Cost: $425.00

Hours: 9 am - 3 pm Monday - Friday.

Ages: 8-14

Weekly Summary of Activities

Rule #1 – Try everything! You might just love it!

Daily Schedule - activities will be modified in accordance to our new Procedures and Protocol 

Palate games - developing students' awareness of tastes and aromas, ending with a blind tasting bee. 
Group cooking activity - includes knife skills, making puff pastry from scratch, pasta, bread, and iron chef competition
Break up into teams – 4 students per instructor
Review recipes as a group
Hands-on preparation of your recipes 
Team presentation of your recipes
Enjoy lunch, course by course 
Students discuss what they learned and favorite dishes
Kitchen chores
Dismissed Until The Next Day

Each day at each table; both the kitchen table and the lunch table, we hope you will gain confidence in your abilities to joyfully join with your fellow kid-chefs, instructors and other staff to converse and describe your tastes. We hope too that you will gain an understanding on cooking basics and comprehend the difference between simply producing a recipe and applying your very unique passion and taste and make a dish truly your own.

We will discover that when an ingredient such as eggplant or chicken is prepared in Italy, France, Japan, India, South America, the Caribbean, or North Carolina it may taste incredibly different because its been made with specific cultural, culinary, historical, spiritual, and geographical differences. But it is still chicken, or eggplant. And delicious.

​For Teens and Kid-Chefs over the age of 13, please check out our Taste the Adventure programs

Thank you! We are very excited to take this journey in cooking with you.

Please consider making a DONATION to keep our Kid-Chef Programs running.

Your generosity helps all children who participate!