Date Night Pop-Up

Date Night Pop-Up

Date Night Pop-Up






So, what is a Date Night Pop-Up?

Are you bored with going to the same place, time and time again? Then stop! Change things up and come see us at C'est si Bon! 

Date Night Po-Up is a hands-on cooking class and more. It is not for the faint of heart.

Come to C'est si Bon! add some mystery and surprise to your kitchen talk.

Play flavor games and make palette challenges while you prepare and devour a fantastic meal with your partner in crime. 

You will be guided through a simple yet extravagant multi-course meal under the tutelage of our Executive Chef, Erick Snover.  

With only four couples per class, this is a very unique experience for kitchen connoisseurs.

You deserve it! Come and join our next Date Night Pop-Up! 


January 11th . Modern Asian part 2

Vietnamese, chai gio ( pork & shrimp) spring rolls with the accoutrement.


Pork bell and kimchi stir fry with fresh winter veg & mint.


Japanese eggplant with roasted peppers & fermented black beans.


Dessert free-style!! 

"People who love to eat, and cook, are always the best people." 

Julia Child


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